YVR Screen Scene

Kyra Zagorsky on making art in a time of change.

“Artists have a lot of power, and that’s part of why I’m intent on directing. I want my films to be about something. I want to have a voice about topics that matter..."

by: Sabrina Furminger


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'We're filmmakers and storytellers first.' - Kyra Zagorsky and Patrick Sabongui

"Thought-provoking, inspiring and provocative are just a few of the words that can be used to describe The Prince" 

by: Nathan March


Award-winning ‘The Prince’ part of SCAD Savannah Film Fest’s Global Shorts Forum

"In just under 12 minutes, filmmaker Kyra Zagorsky shows audiences the struggle Middle-Eastern Americans face today in her short film, The Prince


Lady Filmmakers Film Festival / Savannah Film Festival - The Prince

by: Carmela Baranowska


Vancouver Sun

Video: Crazy8s film 'The Prince' deals with racism and religious freedoms.

The Prince, directed by Kyra Zagorsky, is an emotional and current look at the realities of the world we live in.



Interview by: Jordan Wade


Langley Times

Film about racism based on personal experience.

"Inspired by a personal encounter with racism on public transit in Metro Vancouver."

by: Dan Ferguson


Vancourier - Westender

Kyra Zagorsky Tackles Islamophobia in 'The Prince".

by: Sabrina Furminger


The Loyola Pheonix

In/Motion Dance Film Festival Celebrates Social Justice

"The Prince" explores Islamophobia through film, acting and dance.

by: Luke Hyland


Extra Features Podcast

Extra Features Interviews Kyra Zagorsky,

writer/director of "The Prince" short film.


The New Current, UK

Debut Short Film

Interview with director Kyra Zagorsky about her film in the Short Film Corner at Cannes.


Times Colinist

Canadian short 'The Prince,' which tackles Islamophobia

at Cannes Short Film Corner.


OcCHIMAG: Our Eyes On the Arts

Award-winning Short Film Tackles Islamophobia and Racial Divide via Cinema

"Thought provoking, inspiring and provocative are just a few of the words that can be used to describe The Prince."


New University - UC Irvine

“The Prince” Is Short Film Royalty

"It tackles the conflict of race relations in conjunction with the anxiety and fear that performers face."